Nucleus Hive
Nucleus Hive

Nucleus Hive

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Five full size langstroth frames in a brand new corflute nucleus/ transport box typically containing:

· 3 x frames eggs/ capped/ uncapped brood – all stages

· 1 x honey and pollen

· 1 x empty foundation

· 1 x mated healthy and robust queen

· 5000 - 8000 odd bees

· Corflute box UV treated with closure and vents


AFB disease free apiary


No chemicals or antibiotics are used
We have been so blessed by the generosity of others & our business future is now looking a whole lot brighter. So, we will donate any items purchased to our local Rural Fire Service, WIRES or other wonderful local groups that keep us and our wildlife safe. It's our way of thanking the incredible volunteers for their amazing efforts & may be used for their fundraising efforts.
Thank you for your support.